Barkcuterie Board


SKU: W-02-1

NEW! Only available for a limited time! Barkcuterie Boards.

Served on a 160x250mm premium bamboo cutting board, this is truly an indulgent treat for your pup. No need to wait for a special occasion, it’s pawfect for a picnic, a night in, or a puppy pawty!

Our Barkcuterie Board includes an assortment of dog safe treats: 2 beef, veggie & rice meatballs, 2 chicken, veggie & rice cups, 3 each kangaroo and chicken jerky, 2 maple & bacon Woofles, 3 “Woof’ biscuits, an assortment of mini paw and bone shaped biscuits and 2 carob & peanut butter cups. So yummy for your doggo!

Keep refrigerated for up to one week. Can be frozen for a longer shelf life.

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