Our Products

All of our products are made from scratch using only fresh, dog-safe ingredients,
with no added salt, refined sugars or preservatives.

We use very little food colouring. Liquid and gel food colouring contain alcohol which could harm your dog.
We use a combination of natural plant based food colouring and powdered food colours to keep our treats as healthy as possible. 


We use only the freshest, human-grade ingredients*. Like hoomans, unfortunately our fur babies can have allergies too. Whilst our products contain only dog-safe ingredients, only you know your dogs nutritional needs and dietary limitations.

We hope your pup will enjoy our products as much as we love creating them. Please remember, our products should be considered as special, occasional treats and not as meal replacement. We recommend portion control and sharing with their doggie mates. We’ve taste tested all of the products along side our taste tester doggos.

Our products may contain any of the following ingredients:

Wholewheat flour, homemade applesauce, pears, apples, cinnamon, fresh ground dry roasted peanut butter, pumpkin, bananas, free range eggs, organic cold-pressed coconut oil, baking soda, Chiltern honey. KEEP REFRIGERATED.

Wholewheat flour, fresh ground dry roasted peanut butter, homemade chicken stock with carrots & celery. Carob icing (dipped biscuits KEEP IN A COOL, DRY PLACE OR REFRIGERATE

Chicken breast, kangaroo or beef. Nothing else just meaty goodness.

Coconut, almond flour, pure Canadian maple syrup, organic cold-pressed coconut oil, powdered vanilla (contains no alcohol), carob icing.

Wholewheat flour, homemade applesauce, pears, apples, cinnamon, fresh ground dry roasted peanut butter, pumpkin, bananas, free range eggs, coconut oil, baking soda, Chiltern honey. CONES: wholewheat flour, fresh ground dry roasted peanut butter, homemade chicken stock, with carrots & celery.

Wholewheat flour, fresh ground dry roasted peanut butter, free range eggs, Chiltern honey, milk, baking powder. KEEP REFRIGERATED

Wholewheat flour, fresh ground dry roasted peanut butter, homemade chicken stock (with carrots & celery), coconut, Greek yoghurt, carob pieces, yoghurt decoration. KEEP REFRIGERATED

Wholewheat flour, pumpkin and or sweet potato, homemade applesauce (apples and or pears, cinnamon), free range eggs, powdered vanilla (contains no alcohol), baking powder, Canadian maple syrup, dog safe bacon flavoured pieces. KEEP REFRIGERATED

Tapioca, corn/wheat starch, albumen, milk powder, guar gum, corn syrup solids, coconut oil, milk, acidity regulators (340, 452), vegetable emulsifiers (471, 481), no sugar added carob or yoghurt, dry roasted peanut butter, plain Greek yoghurt, food colouring (contains no alcohol).

*Woofles contain a dog specific ingredient not intended for human consumption.


All of our products are made fresh when ordered. Please allow 3-days prior to your event date which will allow us time to create our pawfectly delicious treats for your pup.

Delivery – $30.00 minimum order amount
Pickup – no minimum order amount

Our normal DELIVERIES are Tuesday – Thursday between 3.00 and 6.00pm. See below for our delivery area*. Please make sure you are home to receive your products. If you are not at the specified location when we attempt to deliver, we will not leave the products. This is to ensure your products are safe and remain fresh. You will need to make arrangements with us to collect your products at another time. 

*We offer free delivery to the following post codes:
NSW 2640, 2641, VIC 3689, 3690, 3691, 3694

You can PICK UP your products Tuesday – Thursday between 12.00pm and 3.00pm. Pick up location will be sent when we receive your order.  

We understand our normal DELIVERY and PICK UP times may not suit your schedule. We will do our best to provide a date and time that works for both of us. Simply provide details in the ORDER NOTES section when placing your order and we will contact you to arrange an alternate date/time.

We can post most of our products excepted as noted:  the cannoli filling contains Greek yoghurt and will be substituted with just peanut butter. The Greek yoghurt and peanut butter icing in the double layer cakes will be replaced with only peanut butter. 

NEW! $10 Flat rate Express Post for orders under $75. FREE Express Postage for orders over $75. 

In warmer months, some of our products may ship frozen. Upon arrival please refrigerate these products. If your product is still frozen when you receive it, we recommended that you thaw the products in the refrigerator before serving.

Whilst we do everything we can to ensure your products arrive as expected, once your products have left our hands we have no control over the handling and transport conditions. Nor can we control when / where the courier leaves your package. When placing your order, in the ORDER NOTES section, please let us know if you ‘authorise your package to be left in a safe place at the shipping address’.

Please be aware that during WARMER MONTHS your products may soften and icing/topping may melt. There are NO REFUNDS or CREDIT for damaged or melted products that have been posted.